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Reading and Resources

Local Social Media Organizers to follow for protest updates & action agendas:








Stay up to date on City Council and the County Officials:


Watch Streamed and Recorded City Council Meetings

Public Access to the City Budget

Public Access to County Budget

Board of Commissioners Meeting Schedule

Learn more about Abolition from established and practiced Abolitionist Movements:



Reclaim the Block

Critical Resistance

Black Visions Collective

Defund 12

Anti Police-Terror Project


Articles, Videos, and Books on Abolition:

Angela Davis on Black Lives Matter Protests, The Prison-Industrial Complex, and Communism

"The Answer to Police Violence is not 'Reform.' It's Defunding. Here's Why." The Guardian

"The Only Solution is to Defund the Police" The Nation

*Free* ebook: The End of Policing by Alex S Vitale

"The Pandemic is the Right Time to Defund the Police" New Republic

"No More Money for the Police" NYT

"New York Senator Makes the Case for Defunding the NYPD" The Appeal

"Defund the Police Now - The Appeal to Defund Police: Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor Says Budgets Wrongly Prioritize Cops Over Schools, Hospitals" Democracy Now

"The Price of Defunding the Police" City Lab


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