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WSPD Budget FY 2020-21

Public Safety makes up for 52.5% of the city's General Fund budget, totaling $112.5 million, with $78,711,550 of that for the WSPD. Meanwhile, only 8.6% of the General Fund is currently allocated to Community & Economic Development. In contrast to the $78,711,550 allocated to WSPD, the WS City Council allocated $23,529,120 to the city's Economic Vitality & Diversity, and $32,955,650 to Livable Neighborhoods. Only $1.2 million of the FY 2020-2021 is for grants for community agencies

In Winston-Salem, more taxpayer funds are allocated to the police than to all programs related to human services, race & equity and affordable housing combined*


Forsyth County Sheriffs' Budget FY 2020-21

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